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I never realized there was a Bigfoot native to Ohio.  Unfortunately, this episode of MonsterQuest only raised more questions than it answered.

For example, we are shown a plaster cast of the top half of a primate's hand, and told that a hunter found the print in southern Ohio.  And that's all we're told.  

Did the hunter just find the one print?  Weren't there others?  Did he track an animal, and this is the best print he found?  Where was the print ostensibly left - sand, mud, what?  Because the plaster print has pretty remarkable resolution on the fingerprints, and I'm wondering what you'd have to step in to leave fingerprints so clear that they could be picked up with a plaster cast.  Speaking of which, do hunters in southern Ohio customarily go hunting with plaster kits?  

Regarding the cast itself, it's suspiciously broken right below the palm crease.  And note the relaxed posture of the hand itself - it's not spread, as if the gorilla was taking a step.  It's partially curved, as it would be in death.  Pretty sure this is the cast of some dude's grandfather's novelty gorilla hand cane or whatever.

Moving on, we come to Joedy Cook of the Ohio Center for Bigfoot Studies.  Cook found a giant shelter nest, which he attributes to the Grassman.  He says that it couldn't have been made by children, based on the amount of time and effort it would have taken.  But what about a group of bored 8 to 12 year old kids over a summer?  Or a group of hunters building a blind for the fall?  And did Cook check inside for hair?  Could a Sasquatch build and use a whole entire nest without leaving a single hair behind?  Or prints?  Anything?

Oh god, the questions, they pile up so fast!

While frustrating, this episode does have some really great and hilarious sequences.  Classic MonsterQuest stuff, like when the researchers tap a local RC helicopter salesman to outfit one of his RC helicopters with a thermal cam and fly it around at night looking for heat signatures.  A plan which is both hilariously zany and admirably inventive.  Particularly when they kit up the helicopter with glow stick rave rope, so that they can "maintain the helicopter's orientation in flight."  Sadly, the helicopter can only fly for about 10 minutes at a time, and apparently the guys didn't think to bring extra batteries.  So that's a quick investigation.

They do spot a heat signature, but for reasons unknown, they fail to follow up and track it down.  I mean, it's probably just a deer, but where's your sense of follow-through?  If you're not going to follow up on the thermal cam hits, why bother using one?

I haven't even gotten to the part about the Bigfoot decoy.  But I will say that if I either spotted a Bigfoot decoy in the woods or heard a Bigfoot researcher making Bigfoot calls in the middle of the night… I would think it was Bigfoot. 

I wonder if all of these Bigfoot researchers are just continually spotting each other?

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michael sinift

It was about 10 years ago my mom and i were driveing to town we lifed pretty far in the country on dutch ridge rd in new straightsville  southeastern ohio and she had to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting what we nicked name a stick monkey  it stood about 4 to4 1/2 ft very long skinny boney arms and legs lil neck but was covered in darkish brownish red fur it ran pretty much  upright across the road and used it's front hands when going up the steep bank on the other side of the road we seen it around two minits i'd say it's  weight was about 100 lbs and to us had a young look to it. it was in the beggining of march. we first thought it was some kind of arangatang or monkey because they just build an exotic animale hunting thing seveal miles out the road but later we found out they just had elk and mountain goat and boar my cousins had a typical big foot sighting several years befor a few miles out the road while mushroom hunting, but what they say they saw was much much bigger and darker in fur color this was in waynes natural forest off dutch ridge rd we used to tease them untill we had this sighting lol


I didn't mention in my review, but there was a side story in this episode of MonsterQuest about a huter who found a weird skull in the Ohio woods.  Some people thought it was the Grassman's skull. 

It was sent for forensic analysis, which determined that it was a baboon's skull.  So at some point there is verifiable evidence that at least one baboon was loose in Ohio!  Probably from a collector of exotic animals (if not that animal park).

Neat first-hand account, thank you for posting it!


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Jesus Christ

I believe that Bigfoot is real because I know what Bigfoot really is. The film that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made of Bigfoot is real. Here is what they filmed on October 20 1967 at Bluff Creek, California. Several thousand years ago there were thousands of slaves that ran off around the world and started their own countries. When these slaves ran off there was a large group of men and boys that took off and ended up in Africa. Some of them were giants as tall as 9 ft. or even taller. The giant named Goliath that David killed was 9 ft. tall. Some of these men and boys went exploring to Borneo and used ropes to catch female orangutans. They took them to South America and had sex with them and eventually created the Indians. The men and boys that stayed in Africa used ropes to catch female gorillas and had sex with them and eventually created the Africans. When scientists foun the bones in Africa they thought we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee. But it wasn't a natural evolution it was a man made evolution. That's where all the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures come from. They are half man and half gorilla and half man and half orangutan. They use to call the Indians the red man. The orangutan has reddish hair. When those men bred out the hair the Indian's skin remained red. The gorilla has black hair and skin. When those men bred out the hair the African's skin remained black. Some of the Indians and Africans are tall and some of the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures are tall. They are tall because some of the men that created them were tall. Some scientists believe that we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee. Have you ever seen an 8 ft. tall chimpanzee? I haven't either. Bigfoot came up through Africa and into the United States at the top of Africa when they were connected by land. The Orangutan creatures came up through Central America and into the United States like the Indians did later on. These creatures were able to travel around the world to other countries because some of the land was connected at the time. The first Europeans that saw the Africans said that some of the African women had genitalia that resembled that of a gorilla. If you look at the nose of an African and Indian you will notice that it is wide and flat like the gorilla and orangutan's nose. The North American Science Institute said that the creature in the Patterson-Gimlin film had both human and gorilla characteristics. That's because it is a human-gorilla hybrid. In the 1920's there was a group of scientists in Orange, Florida that was said to have created a human-primate hybrid. One of the aging scientist told someone that they had created a human-primate hybrid. And after a few days went by they destroyed it. This was done in secret but the word eventually got out. Scientists have created a hybrid between a goat and a sheep. And their genetic code is further apart than a human and primate's genetic code. The creature that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed in 1967 was half man and half gorilla. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.                                   


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Nick K

I was with my cousin fishing by an abandon train bridge, and I was trying to teach him ow to cut down a tree with just a knife. I was hitting the knife with a stick and the stick was hitting a tree. I quit for a few seconds and heard about 3 or 4 knock of wood on trees from about 200yards away. We went to investigate and found 1 footprint that was twice as large as my size 12 mens boot. My phone was at my house and tomorrow we are going to go get a pic of it.