Pink Manta Ray Spotted

It's the only one in the world... that we know of

A pink manta ray! This is the stuff out of Dr. Dolittle, yet it's totally real. Photographer Kristian Laine was taking pictures of the wildlife at the Great Barrier Reef when he captured photos of the world's only known pink manta ray.

While this 11-foot creature has been spotted before since his first sighting in 2015, he's not often seen so it was a really cool glimpse at the ray. Scientists aren't sure why he's pink but they think it's not due to his diet like many pink creatures. Check out the photos at the link for a smile.

What other cool and weird animals have you seen this week? Share them in the chat.

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Latin American Monsters

Which one is your favorite?

My teen is studying Latin American monsters, legends and folklore right now and we are knee-deep into plenty of creatures we wish we'd seen on Supernatural. There are loads of creatures but this list has a great mini introduction to several of them, like El Cuco, Acalicia, and my favorite, La Llorona. 

We tend to hear more about North American creatures where we live, so I thought it would be fun for us to discuss our favorite Latin American monsters. Maybe you've heard of el chupacabra, for example, but have you heard about duendes, which are kind of like elves? How about the Peuchen, which is pretty much a flying vampire snake?

Share your favorite Latin American cryptids, monsters and legends in the chat!

If Badgers And Coyotes Can Do It...

Does inter-species cooperation give you hope?

The Internet is going wild over this video of a coyote and badger playing and hunting together. Plenty of animals have symbiotic relationships, but this is inter-species cooperation and even companionship at a weird and wonderful level. Experts have known about this relationship for a long time, as the species are known to hunt together, but it's caught a lot of us by surprise.

It almost gives you hope that humans could all get along, too. Stories like these make me wonder A. just how well we know animals in the first place and B. what kinds of evolutionary changes are occuring as we speak. The reporter mentioned that it sounded like a Disney movie, and now I'm wondering if these relationships do influence Disney.

What other odd animal pairs have you seen or read about recently? Share them in the chat.

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Corgis In Movie Posters

Weird, cute or funny?

Corgis are all the rage right now, and most people find them to be the most adorable fluffs of pup ever. They're so "in" that you'll find them on everything from footed pajamas for adults to stationary and school supplies, and now you can see them as movie stars!

Maxine is one of the Internet's most famous dogs, and the corgi has been added to the posters of a bunch of Oscar nominees for a funny and adorable twist. Some find these twists to be just plain weird while others think they're super cute, especially with Maxine's fluffy butt on the cover of "Fluffies."

What do you think of the movie covers? Have you seen any other fun art depicting corgis lately? Share it in the chat!

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Strange And Interesting Animals Of The Week

Blind elephants who love classical music and more...

Who could use some stories about interesting, strange and especially sweet animals this week? I know I always can!

This story about a man who plays piano to comfort blind elephants will touch your heart. The elephants are largely injured due to their old working conditions and retire to the sanctuary where he shares his classical music with them.

Did you see that otters wrap themselves up in kelp to keep safe? You may have heard that they also hold hands to stay together in the open water. 

At Otis and Clementine's Books and Coffee store, there are kittens roaming around that you can adopt! I love this idea so much, and what bookworm wouldn't want a kitteh? My favorite greenhouse has cats roaming around, as do the many feed supply stores we shop at, and I love to have cats around me pretty much at all times, even if I am sensitive to new dander.

Any awesome animals in your neck of the woods? Share them in the chat.

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Feed Your Ex To A Meerkat

Their name, that is...

Need the perfect gift for an ex this Valentine's Day? Love meerkats and just want to see one eat a cockroach? El Paso Zoo will  let you name a cockroach after your ex and have it fed to a meerkat this Valentine's Day!

You must message the zoo on their Facebook page and they'll take your order for a big, juicy cockroach that will be fed to the meerkats on February 14.

You have to admit this is a little barbaric, but if the roaches are already being fed to the meerkats anyway, is it really that bad?

What do you think? Would you feed your ex's name to a meerkat?

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Dino Found Perfectly Preserved

We can even see its color!

Any new dinosaur discovery is exciting, but it's super exciting when something special, like a mummified dino or new species is found. This week, take a look at this perfectly preserved fossil that is so well defined we can even see its color.

This fossil of Borealopelta is not only the oldest one found in Alberta, but one of the best preserved fossils ever found. Researchers say that the fossil was so well-preserved that it was like staring into the face of an actual dinosaur. You can see pictures and watch the documentary The Nature of Things to see it for yourself.

What do you think of this fossil? Have you seen any other really well-preserved ones, especially in person? Tell us about it in the chat!

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Snakeskin is Designed to Catch Water

Rattlesnakes have a built-in thirst prevention system

Every day I'm just humbled by the beauty and wonder of nature. Today I learned that rattlesnakes actually have a built-in hydration system, which makes sense when you think about how little water they often have to work with. It turns out that their scales are designed to catch water so they can sip it off and remain hydrated! The same goes for sleet and snow.

If you've always wondered how desert animals can get enough water, this may help answer the question. It's a pretty amazing adaptation, although you have to wonder why they just aren't living closer to water sources to begin with. It seems like that's only enough water to keep the edge off and not truly quench one's thirst, but who knows? Maybe it's all they need.

Have you learned of any weird animal adaptations recently? Share them in the chat!

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Harry Potter Pups

Find your dog the Hogwarts way!

Some might argue that all dogs are in Hufflepuff and all cats are in Slytherin. I have both and I'd say that's a fair assessment! But hey, this idea of sorting shelter dogs into Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses to encourage adoption is fantastic so I'll go with it.

The best part? The organizers wanted people to focus not on dog breeds, but on personalities! I love this idea so much because how many pitties do you know that get typecast as brutes when they're SO much milder and gentler than ankle biters? Every pitt I've known has been a big baby at heart.

What do you think of this idea? What's the most creative way you've seen people try to get animals adopted? Share your favorites in the chat!


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This Whale Is Older Than The United States

The Bowhead Whale is over 250 years old

It's really humbling to me when I read about an animal that lives longer than human beings. We think we're so advanced because we've discovered how to keep ourselves alive longer through modern medicine and technology, but there are plenty of animals who outlive us, from jellyfish to turtles. 

Now scientists have discovered that the Bowhead Whale can live hundreds of years, making some of them older than our own country. If you take a look at the picture, this whale even looks ancient. Scientists were able to discern its age from amino acids in its eye.

Have you read about any other animals who outlive humans? Share them in the chat!

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