Weird Bird Houses

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Birdhouses and bird feeders are my jam. I love to feed the birds in our neighborhood and watch them nest. Lately I've been looking for more unique ideas. We usually build our own but there are so many cool ones out there that it's tempting to buy one!

Here are some super weird birdhouses, from faces to apartment complexes, and I definitely would host a few of them in our yard! I'd love to find something along these lines that's Labyrinth-themed, or maybe even a Baba Yaga birdhouse! How cool would that be?

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Another Ancient Creature Revealed!

Wooly rhino found

Another nearly perfectly preserved species was found in the melting permafrost recently. This wooly rhino was so well preserved that it still has teeth, hair and even its horn. It's a juvenile rhino, no older than four years, and it was discovered in Siberia.

The bad thing about this find, which was found near to the location of the baby wooly rhino previously discovered, is that it's happening because our planet continues to warm up and melt areas that aren't meant to be melted--at least, not if we want to keep living here.

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Humans May Have Hibernated

Well, this explains a lot.

Everyone knows the weirdest animals are humans, but did you know that humans may have hibernated at one point in our early history? Neanderthals and earlier humans may have hibernated like cave bears, at least according to some of the evidence found on fossils. Damage to these early humans is similar to that of other species who hibernate.

As someone who always gets more tired in the winter, I know I'm not alone when I say... I can relate. Even if these ancestors of humans have since died off, I have to wonder if the feelings we have today are due to their habits in the winter and early spring!

Do you get incredibly tired this time of year (especially when it gets darker)? Do you sometimes wish you could hibernate, too?

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Fatal Disease Found in Dolphins

Researchers say it's related to global warming

The poor dolphins in these photos make my heart ache. They died of a skin disease that has been found in dolphins around the world that scientists are saying is related to climate change. The salinity of the coastal waters in which these dolphins live has decreased due to increased rainfall as well as the severity of the rain itself, which has changed their fragile ecosystem for the worst.

As most people know, it's not only dolphins being affected, and many animals are finding their homes destroyed or the ocean too hostile a climate due to human activity. Our own food has become too polluted by mercury to be fit for consumption.

Let's hope that Biden's environmental team will really work on this issue that affects us all.

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Octopus With Transparent Head Photographed

Check out this incredible find!

The octopus is one of my favorite animals and I'm never not fascinated by the creature. This week I saw a photo of one with a transparent head that is nothing short of amazing.

This particular species, the Wonderpus, is the type of creature that mimics others, and in its larval stage it looks like this translucent light bulb you can see right through! The photos are absolutely incredible--be sure to scroll through to see this rare animal scientists still don't know much about.

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Wombats are Bioluminescent

More and more animals are giving the glow

For years, humans were astounded by the bioluminescence found in glowing marine life, but now we're finding that it exists in many other creatures, too. Recently we found out that the platypus is bioluminescent, as are flying squirrels, which glow a bright pink color. Now we know that wombats also glow!

Scientists are shining UV lights on all kinds of animals and finding that there are reactions on bandicoots, bats, echidnas and possums. Who knows what other reactions they will find?

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Weird Sea Creature Found

What do you think it is?

A strange sea creature has washed up on the shore of Australia. It's black and white with loads of tentacles and while some are quick to dub it just another weird find from 2020, others see clear similarities between the creature and one that marine biologists are quite familiar with already.

The armed or striped anemone looks very similar to this creature. If you change its color, that's what it would likely be, so people are theorizing that this one is dead or dying, possibly bleached or altered otherwise.

What do you think this creature could be? Have you seen any other strange creatures this week? Share them in the chat.

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Reptiles Using Tools

Do you think they're evolving?

Animals using tools is one of my favorite weird animal subjects to learn about. I think many animals are much more clever and evolved than we give them credit for, and I love to see proof recorded. The latest one I've read about is the mugger crocodile.

The tools the croc uses are simple but effective. Scientists have recorded the crocodile balancing sticks on its nose in order to tempt birds close to snap at their prey! The bird just sees floating sticks to use in nest-building, totally missing the camouflaged croc beneath the trap. It's pretty smart!

What other cool stories have you read featuring animals using tools lately? Share them in the chat!

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Another Cute Albino Turtle!

This one looks like cheese!

It's no secret that I love turtles, so when I saw this adorable albino Indian flapshell turtle I practically squealed. It looks nothing like any other turtle I've ever seen before. In fact, it looks like melted American cheese!

A farmer in India found this cutie and shared it with the world, and if you saw a photo of a regular flapshell turtle you wouldn't even bat an eye. They are very common and wouldn't startle anyone. This one is incredibly unique!

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New Marsupials Discovered

Two new species found in Australia

At the beginning of 2020, hearts broke around the world as we watched fires rage in Australia. The outcome was far from good, and too many tragedies have happened since. This news doesn't make up for it, but it is a nice way to end the year.

Two new species of marsupial were discovered in Australia and they are the most adorable little gifts we could receive in a year like this. The greater glider is a fluffy, charming critter that looks more like an extra from Fraggle Rock than something of this world. The southern species is even cuter with its long, fluffy tail. Check them out here.

What other fun animal news have you read this week? Share it in the chat.

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