People Unite To Help Giant Snake

Can you imagine seeing an anaconda cross the road, right in the middle of traffic and everyone trying to get to where they're going? It's an outrageous thought, yet it's something that people in some parts of the world have to deal with. Where I live, the real danger is hitting a deer or smaller animal--sometimes a coyote or fox. But an anaconda! I can't even dream of it.

The Ghost Bear

While you might already be familiar with the ghost or spirit bear, did you already know that the animal itself is a real creature? Kermode bears are black bears that are white instead of black, and there's a video of a beautiful "ghost bear" mom with her black bear cubs in this BBC Earth video. She's doing normal mama bear things like teaching her cubs to fish, but she looks amazingly striking next to her cubs. Then a surprise second kermode bear appears!

Creep Creatures From the Deep

If a creature with 45 tentacled feet approached me, I think I'd high-tail it out of the ocean. Even if it was as small as a big spider, it definitely sounds like a creature out of one's nightmares. Because of the way it resembled HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu, the ancient monster has been named Sollasina cthulhu. Don't worry, there aren't any more of these creatures living today; the fossils found are 430 million years old. 

Hunting Endangered Animals

People keep advocating the hunt of endangered animals, but I just can't wrap my head around it. I read this story about someone being allowed to murder an endangered goat in Pakistan for $110 K and I'm just disgusted. Humans are much weirder than other animals and seeing this sicko pose with the animal turns my stomach. Some say that it helps the other endangered animals with the money, but others say that it actually doesn't, so who knows?

Four-Legged Whales

This isn't exactly news; I've known about four-legged ancient whales since I was a young writer, fascinated with the news as I watched a special where whale fossils were dug out of the Midwest. But every time I hear about it again, it's like it just surprises me all over again! It's that startling, and I love seeing the faces of people who've never heard that whales used to have legs before when they learn the news.

If I Could Talk To The Animals

How many of us wish we could actually communicate with animals--not just issue commands that pets may or may not follow (I'm looking at you, cats), but to understand what they say to us? It turns out that there are plenty of researchers trying to do just that right now, and many animals are yielding surprising results, proving that they are already trying to communicate with us. That might be obvious to some, but what researchers are finding is that we might actually be able to understand many of these critters if we just look at it from their angle.


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