Bioluminescence may not seem to be that weird today after many of us have seen it online for many years now, but it never ceases to amaze me. As a kid, I never knew about this wonderful phenomenon and I still remember the first time I saw glowing plankton on YouTube or NatGeo or somewhere. I may not recall where but I do remember that unearthly glow that made me take a breath and remember how much magic there is in science. 

Dementor Wasp

If you're a fan of Harry Potter, you know all about Dementors and what they do. A Dementor is a dark creature that once guarded Azkaban prison, then turned to work for Lord Voldemort. It's a creepy, wraith-like thing (it looks very much like a ring wraith from Lord of the Rings, actually) that can suck out your soul with it's Kiss, leaving you an empty husk. That's what scientists decided to name a wasp that apparently does the same thing.

Clone Your Pets (Into Slippers)!

You've seen people stuff their deceased pets, put their likeness on a stuffed animal or t-shirt or even use their ashes to build bird baths. (No? You need to look that stuff up.) Now you can have slipper clones made of your pets to keep forever! The process doesn't come cheaply (it's almost $200!) but if you really want a super soft, comfy clone of your pet to wear on your feet forevermore, you'll have to check them out at Cuddle Clones (where you can also sign up for a 10% discount). 

Weird Fictional Animals

My family and I met Krampus at an event the other night, and while he wasn't totally an animal (or was he?), it got me thinking about all of the cool fictional weird animals of the world, from the mythological sort to the kinds that we see in TV and movies. Demogorgans and demo-dogs are probably my current favorite (I even have one on my desk), but from gelflings to goblins, the Jabberwock to the Jadoon, is there anything more fun than a weird creature?

Bearded Pigs are a Thing

The bearded pig is an interesting creature. It's got a big tuft of a beard, but the beard is more than decoration. Before you think it's there to attract mates Odin-style, it's actually part of the pig's foraging arsenal. The beard apparently helps the animal dig up fungus, bugs and roots for a tasty meal. It seems like all that hair would get in the way (or serve as a creepy walkway for any critters who might escape the pig's maw and scramble to get away, which would just freak me the heck out. I would NOT want bugs crawling on my face, pig face or not.

Terror Birds!

Some of the most incredible species to have ever walked (or flown) on our planet have long since become extinct, and in many cases it's deeply sad. In others, however, it kind of makes us breathe a sigh of relief, especially after watching Jurassic World. Can you imagine what we'd do with these creatures? We'd probably cause our own extinction.


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