Baby Horse Hooves are Creepy

If you've never seen a set of foal hooves right after a baby horse has been born, do yourself a favor and click here, but be warned: it's VERY weird. Seasoned farmers and ranch hands are all, "Well, duh," but the rest of us are just stunned to see what the hooves look like before their protective covering, called the deciduous hoof capsule, is worn down from the animals' first steps.

Tufted Deer

Deer are cute. Fangs... well, they can be cute, but they're not often associated with cute mammals. The Tufted Deer, however, exhibits these protrusions, which are not used for blood sucking but for scuffles during mating season! Found in China and India, the Tufted Deer is actually a vegetarian, so the fangs have no value when it comes to eating at all.

Lies and the Lying Critters Who Tell Them

You might think that humans are the only creatures who know how to lie, but there you would be completely wrong. Many animals are well practiced at the art of deception, using lies to increase their own chances of survival. National Geographic just published a great list of such creatures and you might be surprised at who the lying liars are!

Jelly Bean Scented Animals

Once upon a time, I heard that a certain kind of snake has a weird smell. I can't remember either the snake or the smell, but now every time I smell something odd, my first thought is that there is a snake in my house. These seven animals, however, are known to smell like actual jelly beans! The binterong, also known as the bearcat, smells like buttered popcorn, which is ironically due to its anal glands.


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