Bioluminescence may not seem to be that weird today after many of us have seen it online for many years now, but it never ceases to amaze me. As a kid, I never knew about this wonderful phenomenon and I still remember the first time I saw glowing plankton on YouTube or NatGeo or somewhere. I may not recall where but I do remember that unearthly glow that made me take a breath and remember how much magic there is in science. 

Snails Have Teeth

None of these animals are particularly weird, especially when it comes to all of the different weird animals out there, but all of them eat in ways that might surprise you. Did you know that snails have some pretty fearsome-looking teeth, or that katydids hold their food with their appendages? This video depicts different animals eating in different ways and some of them might surprise you. Just watching the beta eat mosquito larvae made me wish I had beta surrounding my house.

Flying Reptile Nom Noms

The more we learn about ancient animals and their behavior, the more facinating they seem. Many ancient creatures seem like alien life forms for as much as they don't resemble today's creatures, and with so much ocean life left to explore, how could we possibly ever get bored with this subject? Take prehistoric sharks, for example. The Squalicorax, it has been found out, used to dine on the pterosaur, otherwise known as a flying lizard.

Elephant Gores Trainer to Death

Death is never funny or something to mock, but I can empathize with the rage of a creature who is used for entertainment and rides against its will every day. When I was a kid, my mother and I boycotted the circus that other kids attended, and while I was young I remember feeling a little jealous that they'd been able to ride an elephant and I hadn't. Now I would never attempt to do such a thing.


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