People Unite To Help Giant Snake

Can you imagine seeing an anaconda cross the road, right in the middle of traffic and everyone trying to get to where they're going? It's an outrageous thought, yet it's something that people in some parts of the world have to deal with. Where I live, the real danger is hitting a deer or smaller animal--sometimes a coyote or fox. But an anaconda! I can't even dream of it.

The Ghost Bear

While you might already be familiar with the ghost or spirit bear, did you already know that the animal itself is a real creature? Kermode bears are black bears that are white instead of black, and there's a video of a beautiful "ghost bear" mom with her black bear cubs in this BBC Earth video. She's doing normal mama bear things like teaching her cubs to fish, but she looks amazingly striking next to her cubs. Then a surprise second kermode bear appears!

Creep Creatures From the Deep

If a creature with 45 tentacled feet approached me, I think I'd high-tail it out of the ocean. Even if it was as small as a big spider, it definitely sounds like a creature out of one's nightmares. Because of the way it resembled HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu, the ancient monster has been named Sollasina cthulhu. Don't worry, there aren't any more of these creatures living today; the fossils found are 430 million years old. 

Deep Sea Scavenger Hunting

Death is the great equalizer, and eventually we all end up a bug buffet. The same goes for nature's most enormous creatures, like whales, who sink to the bottom of the ocean floor and become food for countless animals. While it's sad to ever think of whales dying, just as it is to think of any majestic animal passing way, it's amazing to see how many animals actually eat the carcasses of whales, completing the circle of life.

Step Outside and Get Shot

That headline sounds like an international travel warning against coming to America where, let's face it, people love their guns more than they love children or their families, but it's actually in relation to what happens to protected wildlife at Yellowstone National Park if they step a foot outside the park. That's what happened to poor Spitfire, a gorgeous wolf who was well-known at the park for many years before some trophy hunter just took her out last year.


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