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Watch this Chernobyl fox make a sandwich

So clever!
The Chernobyl exclusion zone has become an incredible resource for wildlife in the Ukraine. Even so, this particular incident is hilarious and noteworthy.
A BBC crew visited the exclusion zone recently. When they stopped their car, they noticed a very thin, scruffy-looking fox loitering nearby. Out of kindness, the camera crew decided to toss the fox some sausage and spare slices of bread, all while their cameras were rolling.
The first remarkable thing about this video is that the fox shows no fear. It clearly has never seen humans before, although one would think that it would still be judicious about these interlopers. At any rate, the fox strolls right up and snatches the food the camera crew offered.
Then, lacking pockets, the fox decided to carry the food away in the cleverest (and cutest) way possible: it stacked everything into a five-decker sandwich, and happily trotted away.
I can't help but wonder, is the radiation helping to create a race of super-smart, sandwich-making foxes? Because that is one clever little fox!