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Dave the sheep gets a record-breaking haircut

That's one relieved sheep!
Dave was finally caught by the RSPCA and was in a terrible state, having been wandering wild without a shearing for an estimated five years. A merino sheep's wool will just keep growing, and poor Dave was swaddled in a coat that was at least twice as big as he was. Imagine how hot it must have been! And imagine the bugs and filth inside! (Ew - maybe don't.)
The RSPCA put out a call for help shearing Dave, and the reigning sheep-shearing champion of Australia, Ian Elkins, stepped in to save the day. Dave had so much fleece that Elkins had to shear him twice! It took a five-person team 40 minutes to shear the poor thing.
In the end, Dave lost almost 90 pounds of fleece, and looks so much happier now! Dave is happy and healthy, and is being kept for observation for a few days before being offered up for adoption to a new home.