Animal "Dating" Apps Used in Zoos

It's quite brilliant, when you think about it!

If someone were to tell you that there were dating apps to help match animals together, you might think they were out of their mind. It seems ludicrous to want to match up animals on dating profiles. But when you think about what's at stake when it comes to maintaining an endangered species, the different qualities of that species become much more important. 

The algorithms that match zoo animals don't go by the animals' favorite hobbies or foods, but rather their genetics and other scientific characteristics. They match animals throughout zoos across the nation, cutting down the time it would take for scientists to individually match them by hand. It isn't foolproof but it may help ensure the life of a species, and it's cutting down on the time it takes to make the matches so far.

What do you think of using technology to match animals up for "dating"? Share your thoughts in the chat!

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