Animals Threatened By Climate Change

Are there any that aren't?

The threat of climate change is looming over not just all of humanity, but the animal kingdom. I don't know about you, but my heart broke seeing those fires in Australia taking koala habitat, and experts say that climate change is already to blame for much of the shrinking habitat we're seeing so many creatures lose. I read that birds are even shrinking, likely due to the stress of coping with higher temperatures. 

You might already know that bees are at a high risk of extinction due to climate change, which would impact every single one of us, but did you know that sharks, giraffes and monarch butterflies are also in danger? If only shark week focused on what a threat we pose to sharks rather than vice versa. We are expected to lose 18% of insects by 2100, which may not sound terrible to those who hate bugs, but plenty of species rely on them for nourishment--including humans around the world--among other things.

What animals do you feel are most at-risk due to climate change? What have you read that supports your theory?

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