Baby Horse Hooves are Creepy

They look a bit alien upon arrival...

If you've never seen a set of foal hooves right after a baby horse has been born, do yourself a favor and click here, but be warned: it's VERY weird. Seasoned farmers and ranch hands are all, "Well, duh," but the rest of us are just stunned to see what the hooves look like before their protective covering, called the deciduous hoof capsule, is worn down from the animals' first steps. It's actually a brilliant form of protection that protects the mare's body from damage when the baby kicks in utero, staying soft until the foal is born so it can wear the alien-looking, rubbery layer down to the hooves we're all much more familiar with.

Yeah, it's pretty gross, especially when covered with birth-fluids, but it also serves a brillaint purpose and gives us something to gawk at because, let's face it, there's not anything much cuter than a baby horse so there might as well be something weird about it.

What other weird animal photos have you come across this week? Share them in the chat. 

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