Bears in Cars

Where else would they be?

What would you do if you found a family of bears living in your car? I think I'd have to find a new car. A family vacationing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee found just that when they got to their car from their cabin. They screamed for their son to come to the cabin while the bears took over the family vehicle. 

The bears apparently just wanted to play in the car as their mother watched from outside the vehicle! It shouldn't come as that much of a surprise, given that all mammals learn through play and bears cubs would probably be just as interested in the inside of a car as a typical toddler. Still, it had to be terrifying for the family to experience. The bears left some damage--ripping the leather and leaving scratches--that was worse than what a lot of toddlers might leave behind, however. At least they eventually got tired of playing and moved on!

Have you ever had a weird animal encounter like this one? Share it in the chat!

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