Beluga Returns Woman's Phone

Plus virtual circuses!

This week I read two incredible animal stories that I have to share! The first is about a beluga whale who returned a woman's phone to her when she dropped it in the sea. This story really touches my heart and makes me feel so many conflicted emotions because as a teenager, one of the most moving experiences I ever had was seeing a beluga up close. A mere panel of glass separated us and I was in awe. Later, when I discovered how intelligent these creatures are (and they're probably even smarter than we give them credit for, as this story shows), it broke my heart as I understood how terrible it was for that whale to even be in captivity in the first place. As she stared back at me, she knew. What other thoughts were going through her head? What does she think of humans? It's just a lot to think about, and I certainly don't support keeping whales locked up unless it's for medical treatment anymore.

Then I also read that Germany has started to use holograms of animals in its circuses, which is fantastic news! I've never been to the circus; my mother was against them when I was a child, and I'm against any where animals act as well. I love this idea and I need to know when a fantastic beasts circus will be in development!

What cool, weird or strange animal news have you read this week? Share it in the chat!

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