Boy Says Bear Saved Him

Weirder things have happened

Animals do weird things sometimes, even when it seems against their very nature. According to a three-year-old boy who was lost in the woods for three days, a bear kept him warm and safe, which is why he survived. While many say that it seems like the imaginative story of a creative child who probably dreamed up his company, others say there's no proof to prove that he didn't have a bear companion, and that it honestly might've been what saved him in the cold conditions of winter.

Given that bears hibernate, it might even seem more unlikely, but so is the idea of this poor kid surviving in the woods for three days in the cold. Maybe the bear heard him crying and took pity somehow. Some bears have had affection for humans in the past, and while other bears have notably killed humans it's not impossible. 

Do you think a bear saved this child?

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