Clone Your Pets (Into Slippers)!

Now you can snuggle them forever...

You've seen people stuff their deceased pets, put their likeness on a stuffed animal or t-shirt or even use their ashes to build bird baths. (No? You need to look that stuff up.) Now you can have slipper clones made of your pets to keep forever! The process doesn't come cheaply (it's almost $200!) but if you really want a super soft, comfy clone of your pet to wear on your feet forevermore, you'll have to check them out at Cuddle Clones (where you can also sign up for a 10% discount). 

The shoes are handmade, so that money is going to someone's lengthy amount of time to copy your cat or dog's likeness into actual footwear, and even if you're not interested in ordering, you have to visit the website just to see the amazing clones made of customers' pets. There's even an owner who has one different slipper for each dog, so they don't exactly match. The company also sells golf club covers, holiday stockings, custom jewelry and ornaments of your pets!

Have you ever bought or made a custom pet item like this? Tell us about it in the chat!

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