Creatures That Breathe Sulfur

The possibilities are endless...

As scientists have searched for life on other planets for years, how many of us have often wondered, "But what about life that may not need water or oxygen?" If it's an alien, what are the chances of it even needing the same basic requirements of a human, right? Scientists have now discovered life deep in our planet that breathes on... sulfur. So they've basically discovered demons. Sam and Dean Winchester could have told them that. Seriously, though, these creatures eat rocks, too, and have people wondering what the heck else lives deep under the planet.

The creatures were found in a gold mine in Africa nearly 5,000 feet beneath the surface. This is a depth at which many scientists previously believed life could not be sustained due to extreme conditions, yet here we are. They're calling this an "underground Galapagos" that could change everything.

What do you think they'll find? What do you hope they'll discover--or that they won't?! Share your thoughts about these discoveries in the chat.

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