Creep Creatures From the Deep

They were Lovecraftian beasts

If a creature with 45 tentacled feet approached me, I think I'd high-tail it out of the ocean. Even if it was as small as a big spider, it definitely sounds like a creature out of one's nightmares. Because of the way it resembled HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu, the ancient monster has been named Sollasina cthulhu. Don't worry, there aren't any more of these creatures living today; the fossils found are 430 million years old. 

Today the animal's relative isn't nearly as creepy--the sea cucumber--but it's possible that other members of this extinct ophiocistioids group could have been scary, too. As researchers use new technology to uncover the layers of these fossils they'll surely discover even more stuff of nightmares, and as creepy as they might be, we have to admit that they are also quite cool to learn about and see.

What other weird animals have you run across this week? Share them in the chat!

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