Deep Sea Scavenger Hunting

Just like regular scavenger hunting but with more death.

Death is the great equalizer, and eventually we all end up a bug buffet. The same goes for nature's most enormous creatures, like whales, who sink to the bottom of the ocean floor and become food for countless animals. While it's sad to ever think of whales dying, just as it is to think of any majestic animal passing way, it's amazing to see how many animals actually eat the carcasses of whales, completing the circle of life.

Ancient hagfish, sharks and a plethora of other animals can be seen feating on a 30-ton gray whale in this incredible video. They eat it for nearly two years, cleaning it clear to the bone! While we witness scavengers eating roadkill in our daily lives, we don't often think about processes like these. There are even new species that are only found on whale bodies! Over 178 animals can be found feasting on just the whale's spine.

What did you think of these species? Have you seen any other weird animal videos this week?

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