Dinosaur Mummy Found

Nodosaur has full skin

Nodosaurs are pretty amazing when you find them, period, but to find a dinosaur with its skin and innards all intact is a very rare and special event. As researchers point out, it's not just a skeleton of a dinosaur, but the actual way it would have looked if you had met it while it was alive. We are forced to speculate when it comes to a lot of dino information but evidence like this helps paint a clearer picture.

This nodosaur may be the best preserved dinosaur found so far. It's so well preserved that people are calling it a mummy rather than a fossil, which is really more accurate. By studying this creature's skin and insides we can build better theories about what actual dinosaurs were like.

What did you think of this discovery? Any other cool dino stories to share? Share them in the chat below.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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