Flying Reptile Nom Noms

Ancient sharks loved flying food

The more we learn about ancient animals and their behavior, the more facinating they seem. Many ancient creatures seem like alien life forms for as much as they don't resemble today's creatures, and with so much ocean life left to explore, how could we possibly ever get bored with this subject? Take prehistoric sharks, for example. The Squalicorax, it has been found out, used to dine on the pterosaur, otherwise known as a flying lizard.

When we recall how watching water dinos leap out of the ocean to help other dinosaurs and people meet their own ends in the Jurassic Park films, it's easy to picture this happening, but seeing the bite marks on these 83 million-year-old fossils is something else entirely. It brings the reality of the situation alive in a way no movie ever could. According to scientists, the pterasaurs actually carried a lot of meat and weren't as skinny as they are portrayed in the media. They were pretty much flying chicken sandwiches to sharks.

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