Four-Legged Whales

It's hard to imagine

This isn't exactly news; I've known about four-legged ancient whales since I was a young writer, fascinated with the news as I watched a special where whale fossils were dug out of the Midwest. But every time I hear about it again, it's like it just surprises me all over again! It's that startling, and I love seeing the faces of people who've never heard that whales used to have legs before when they learn the news.

This week I also learned that the ancient whales swam like otters! Can you even imagine? I need to see a movie that depicts this because it souds breathtakingly cute. Otter-like whales, swimming around with their legs... I want to see what their paws, or claws, or whatever they had looked like, and I need to know if they did loopty loos. Don't you? According to this source, they had hooves, which makes perfect sense, but does that mean that their hooves developed like horses do in utero? Because those things are amazing, too.

Do you ever feel like we'll never know enough? It sure is amazing to find out,though! What other weird animal news have you read about this week?

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