The Great Hermit Crab Shell Exchange

Bizarre but utterly cool

I don't know about you, but when I picture hermit crabs changing their shells I usually think of them finding a discarded shell here or there as they outgrow their old ones. I never dreamed that they might organize their own shell swap meet, but apparently it happens!

This line of hermit crabs actually organized themselves from smallest to largest, getting in order to exchange shells as they shed their old shells. It's an amazing use of mental prowess and resourcefulness that makes me question my entire animal worldview. Seriously, after witnessing how smart an octopus is and dolphins receive personhood, I think one day we'll all look back on how we viewed animals in general as one of the most misguided things humans have ever done. This is such a cool video and I love that crabs exchange their shells like good friends share outfits.

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