Man-Eating Lions

Not as weird as you might think

Over the weekend, my family and I had the chance to see the Tsavo lions at the Chicago Field Museum. The entire trip was a treat with so many exhibits we didn't even get to see half of the museum, but the research behind the lions sure made them less mysterious and more sympathetic than we'd ever imagined. My husband and I saw The Ghost and the Darkness when we were teens and have always wanted to see the lions, but like most "based on a true story" films, it lacked much of the real story.

It turns out that the man-eating lions ate less than half of the people in the legend and when they did, they did so out of desperation. The lion who ate the most people had a broken tooth, making it difficult for him to hunt faster prey. They also hunted the easy-pickings humans who slept outside during a draught that caused their usual prey to be scarce. Meat is meat, and these lions seemed to be more like desperate scavengers than demons.

Have you read about any interesting animals that weren't what you assumed they were lately? Post about them in the chat below.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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