Snakeskin is Designed to Catch Water

Rattlesnakes have a built-in thirst prevention system

Every day I'm just humbled by the beauty and wonder of nature. Today I learned that rattlesnakes actually have a built-in hydration system, which makes sense when you think about how little water they often have to work with. It turns out that their scales are designed to catch water so they can sip it off and remain hydrated! The same goes for sleet and snow.

If you've always wondered how desert animals can get enough water, this may help answer the question. It's a pretty amazing adaptation, although you have to wonder why they just aren't living closer to water sources to begin with. It seems like that's only enough water to keep the edge off and not truly quench one's thirst, but who knows? Maybe it's all they need.

Have you learned of any weird animal adaptations recently? Share them in the chat!

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