Step Outside and Get Shot

Rest in peace, Spitfire

That headline sounds like an international travel warning against coming to America where, let's face it, people love their guns more than they love children or their families, but it's actually in relation to what happens to protected wildlife at Yellowstone National Park if they step a foot outside the park. That's what happened to poor Spitfire, a gorgeous wolf who was well-known at the park for many years before some trophy hunter just took her out last year.

It's weird that the protection offered the animals is so narrow just outside the park given that the animals are also free-roaming and should be given a wider scope of protection to avoid instances like this, which are currently totally legal. I would say that trophy hunting itself is too weird to even be legal, but again, we're in America where dead, sentient creatures are displayed as rugs and wall hangings while their cousins are fed premium food and get taken for walks on a leash--often within the same household. 

There should be a buffer put in place immediately. What do you think?

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