Strange And Interesting Animals Of The Week

Blind elephants who love classical music and more...

Who could use some stories about interesting, strange and especially sweet animals this week? I know I always can!

This story about a man who plays piano to comfort blind elephants will touch your heart. The elephants are largely injured due to their old working conditions and retire to the sanctuary where he shares his classical music with them.

Did you see that otters wrap themselves up in kelp to keep safe? You may have heard that they also hold hands to stay together in the open water. 

At Otis and Clementine's Books and Coffee store, there are kittens roaming around that you can adopt! I love this idea so much, and what bookworm wouldn't want a kitteh? My favorite greenhouse has cats roaming around, as do the many feed supply stores we shop at, and I love to have cats around me pretty much at all times, even if I am sensitive to new dander.

Any awesome animals in your neck of the woods? Share them in the chat.

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