Tardigrades in Space!

Just some water bears, floating around the Milky Way...

It honestly sounds like an adorable cartoon movie that I would pay to see! Tardigrades? In space? As interesting as it is that a crashed spacecraft may have sent some Tardigrades, AKA water bears, on the moon, it also feels wrong on so many levels, from the idea of humans spreading around Earth creatures beyond the Earth to marooning them there without any food or water. It's not like it's the first time we've ever sacrificed animals in the name of science by any means, but it just feels irresponsible. 

They are dehydrated, which sounds insane, so they're not going to live, die or reproduce unless they get wet, but stranger things have happened. Or have they... It wouldn't take much water to do it, and the animals can live a long, long time, in extreme conditions, without eating, so who knows. And if anyone deserves to explore the deep recesses of space, it's the tardigrade, who already survives in just about any environment and is so much hardier than the standard human being!

What do you think of sending our DNA and all of this info to the moon in hopes of preserving our life if everything goes wrong here? 

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