Telescope Searches For New Life

Think it will find something interesting?

Have you heard about the "planet-hunting telescope" that NASA has now? It uses technology that actually makes it seek out life, as well as habitable planets in general, which is a good thing since at the rate we're going, we're either going to need to move or build floating cities within the next 100 years or less.

It will be really interesting if the telescope finds some sort of new life we've never even dreamed of. Isn't that what we all want to know? Not only is there life out there--many think there is--but if it's like us, or even like any life on Earth, at all. What if there's life that's adapted to live on super cold planets that we couldn't live on, for example? Our own tardigrades prove that it might be more possible than we previously thought possible!

What do you think the telescope will find? What do you hope it will find--or not find?

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