Weird Animals Discovered This Week

What do you think they are?

Photos of two weird animals are circulating around the Internet and they have curious observers wondering just what ARE they, or as Jenna Marbles might ask, "What are this?" The first creature was found on a beach in Perth, and the best guess about its identity seems to be a cuttlefish so far. People are guessing that it's an alien species or something totally new, but odds are that it's been damaged either prior to or after its death. 

The next animal was discovered alive in Thailand, and there's a video of the animal. People say it looks like a turtle without a shell, and although we like to think that's impossible, perhaps it's not 100% impossible? Some say that it's probably just a fishing lure or even a plant, but who knows, maybe it's a real creature. Cryptozoology is fascinating, even if it's usually debunked. Hey, manatees were once thought to be mermaids, right?

Have you heard of any weird animals this week? Share them in the chat!

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