Woman Killed by Sharks

Yes, it still happens

Between Shark Week, "Baby Shark" and all of the shark merch we see everywhere, we tend to forget just how dangerous these animals are. And heaven forbid you mention a fear of the animals to company because you'll often get laughed at, and told that your danger of being killed by a shark is a rare one. So when a woman was killed by sharks while snorkeling in the Bahamas, it came as a surprise to many people--especially since she was snorkeling and not deep-sea diving.

I can't even imagine the harrowing situation for this young woman, who was only 21 and supposed to be on a trip with her family--or how her family felt, helplessly watching her get eaten as they shouted warnings she couldn't hear. It really does sound like something out of a horror movie, and I wish it only were. My heart goes out to her family.

Have you ever had a close call with wildlife? Share your stories in the chat.

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