Yes, the Wolverine is Real

Hugh Jackman didn't know!

Um, this is some of the weirdest animal news in a while... Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the Fox X-Men series, had no idea that the wolverine was a real animal. He said that he assumed it was something made up for the comic books and didn't realize that it was an actual animal! 

Jackman admitted this tidbit to Stephen Colbert on the host's show and the Internet is having a field day over the information. Jackman said that he doesn't have a wolverine in his zoo and he'd never heard of one nor read an X-Men comic book in order to give himself the context. It's not incredibly weird--there are plenty of animals many of us go throughout our lives not knowing about--but it's kind of jaw-dropping all the same.

What weird animal news have you read this week?

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