Strange And Interesting Animals Of The Week

Who could use some stories about interesting, strange and especially sweet animals this week? I know I always can!

This story about a man who plays piano to comfort blind elephants will touch your heart. The elephants are largely injured due to their old working conditions and retire to the sanctuary where he shares his classical music with them.

Your Pet So Ugly...

We all have at least one ugly critter we love to death. Whether it's a hairless rat, a pug dog, a weird spider or fish--some might call that smashed-in face cringe worthy, but you think it's adorable. Science can shine a light on why we feel this way. It turns out that any kind of animal that seems in need of protection--whether it has big eyes, a small or soft body or other traditionally baby-like qualities--is cute to us humans. 

Black cats and Halloween

Myths and superstition
Every year around this time, warnings go up for owners of black cats. Don't let them outside around Halloween, or people will harm them. Many shelters also refuse to adopt black cats in the month of October. The fear is that people will pick up black cats and kill them in Satanic rituals, or use them as Halloween decorations and then discard them when the holiday is over.

The Essex lion that wasn't

This little kitty caused a local panic

Last week the small English town of Clackton-On-Sea in Essex was the stage of a "frenzied lion hunt." At about 7 p.m. on Sunday evening, the police received reports of a large tawny animal with a mane in a wheat field behind a caravan park. Several witnesses spotted the animal from a distance, using binoculars.

The Essex police force showed up in spades. A helicopter with an infrared camera, wild animal experts with tranquilizer guns, and police officers all turned out for the hunt. If true, the reports were alarming: an animal that large, so close to a popular public attraction. The concern was that it had escaped from a nearby circus, and residents throughout the area were told to stay in their homes until further notice.
But 19 hours later, the police called off the search. Not only had the lion failed to materialize, but a local man who lived nearby had stepped forward to point out the similarity between the "huge beast" photographed by tourists, and his ginger Maine Coon tabby cat named Teddy. 
The resemblance between Teddy (below) and the Essex Lion (above) is unmistakable.

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