Can Your Dog Skateboard?

My dogs are pretty awesome. They might bark at a lot of things, but I like how intimidating that can sound to strangers since they're both over 50 pounds. They can catch treats out of the air, do a few tricks, listen to commands (mostly!) and otherwise be impressive. I have to admit, though, next to this dog, they sound like slackers. They certainly don't use a skateboard.

Your Pet So Ugly...

We all have at least one ugly critter we love to death. Whether it's a hairless rat, a pug dog, a weird spider or fish--some might call that smashed-in face cringe worthy, but you think it's adorable. Science can shine a light on why we feel this way. It turns out that any kind of animal that seems in need of protection--whether it has big eyes, a small or soft body or other traditionally baby-like qualities--is cute to us humans. 


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