Flying Reptile Nom Noms

The more we learn about ancient animals and their behavior, the more facinating they seem. Many ancient creatures seem like alien life forms for as much as they don't resemble today's creatures, and with so much ocean life left to explore, how could we possibly ever get bored with this subject? Take prehistoric sharks, for example. The Squalicorax, it has been found out, used to dine on the pterosaur, otherwise known as a flying lizard.

Glowing Sea Turtles

In 2015, the first-ever bioflourescent reptiles were located near the Solomon Islands and ever since then, people are wondering what other glowing animals might be out there. The "glowing sea turtles" are also known as hawksbill sea turtles and they completely caught marine biologists by surprise--quite literally. A bioflourescent sea turtle simply swam by while a team was out collecting data.

Lies and the Lying Critters Who Tell Them

You might think that humans are the only creatures who know how to lie, but there you would be completely wrong. Many animals are well practiced at the art of deception, using lies to increase their own chances of survival. National Geographic just published a great list of such creatures and you might be surprised at who the lying liars are!

Jelly Bean Scented Animals

Once upon a time, I heard that a certain kind of snake has a weird smell. I can't remember either the snake or the smell, but now every time I smell something odd, my first thought is that there is a snake in my house. These seven animals, however, are known to smell like actual jelly beans! The binterong, also known as the bearcat, smells like buttered popcorn, which is ironically due to its anal glands.

Your Pet So Ugly...

We all have at least one ugly critter we love to death. Whether it's a hairless rat, a pug dog, a weird spider or fish--some might call that smashed-in face cringe worthy, but you think it's adorable. Science can shine a light on why we feel this way. It turns out that any kind of animal that seems in need of protection--whether it has big eyes, a small or soft body or other traditionally baby-like qualities--is cute to us humans. 


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