The Maned Wolf

AKA The Weird Animal You Wish You Could Have as a Pet

When it comes to weird animals, we normally talk about some pretty strange looking critters. Most weird animals have faces that only a mother could love and let's face it, some mothers eat their young. So it's always fun to run across an unusual animal that's so cute you'd want it for a pet if it weren't wild.

The maned wolf is one such creature. Although its genus means "golden dog," it's not really a wolf or a fox, although it looks like a cross between both. The animal hails from South America and has amazingly long legs, making it look like a cutie from Star Wars rather than planet Earth. The fluffy creature's mane even becomes erect when it warns off dangerous creatures, making it even cooler.

Alas, aside from being wild, the maned wolf also emits a pretty nasty smell, earning it the name "skunk wolf." 

What do you think of the maned wolf?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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I love wolves and most people do but I have favorite it's the red wolf


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