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The Provo Canyon Bigfoot Video

I have a pretty good hunch what these kids caught on video.

The latest "blobsquatch" video to go rocketing around the internets is this little gem from Utah. The ostensible backstory is that a couple of backpackers saw a big shape, started filming it, and when it appeared to stand up in a human-like fashion, they screamed and ran. The footage is - unsurprisingly - blurry, grainy, and entirely unclear.

Provo Canyon Bigfoot Encounter?

A lot of people think they see a black bear being filmed from a strange angle. I can certainly understand this point of view. The bear is sitting with its back to the camera, and eventually decides to get to its feet and walk away. There might be a bit of a slope that is not easily visible in the footage, which could account for the "head and shoulders" angle.
Some people are saying that they see a five fingered hand. I don't see that. I could zoom in more, but all you get is pixels. I don't think there's enough data in the video to say whether or not a hand is visible.
Knowing a lot about animals, and being familiar with their movements, I think this is probably a human. Specifically, I think it's a guy in a ghillie suit.
Everything about the shape and proportions of the creature in this video matches up to those of a man in a ghillie suit. If you are not familiar with these suits, they were popularized by elite military commandos, and now people use them to go deer hunting. It's basically a sheet of canvas netting with strips of camouflage print fabric attached. It makes you look like the Swamp Thing or Cousin It. And in fact, ghillie suits have been used by sasquatch hoaxers in the past.
The video was originally posted to YouTube on October 30, which matches the fall foliage and bare branches seen in the video. 
Why wouldn't a person in a suit just say "Hi guys"? Why would a person in a suit just get up and quietly walk away? Well, I have a pretty good answer for that. 
Clue #1 is that a ghillie suit is used in deer hunting. Clue #2 is that the area where this video was shot is also known as "Deer Creek." And clue #3 is that deer hunting has become tightly regulated in Utah this year. Fewer permits are being handed out than ever before, and permits are available only on a lottery basis.
Furthermore, the date of this video (October 30) falls outside the legal hunting dates for deer. According to the state's Big Game Hunting Handbook, deer hunting season ends on October 28th. 
I have a pretty good idea what these kids caught on tape: a poacher.