It's still awe-inspiring.

Bioluminescence may not seem to be that weird today after many of us have seen it online for many years now, but it never ceases to amaze me. As a kid, I never knew about this wonderful phenomenon and I still remember the first time I saw glowing plankton on YouTube or NatGeo or somewhere. I may not recall where but I do remember that unearthly glow that made me take a breath and remember how much magic there is in science. 

Some animals may not be as beautiful in their application of the phenomenon as others; anglerfish, for example, definitely look like something nightmarish to many of us, but they're no less awe-inspiring than any other creature who can make their own light. How is that not amazing to anyone? Growing up with fireflies, you'd think we'd be so blase about the animals who light up their own environments, but I could watch moon jellyfish for hours on end and never get tired.

What weird animal phenomenon still awes you years of learning about it?

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