The Blob That Came From the Sea

Earth's earliest known animal was little more than a blob

As complex as human beings, dolphins, whales and other intelligent life seem, it's hard for us to imagine what early life on this planet looked like. Single-celled organisms that we peeked at in biology class are likely the closest, and now we know that the earliest animal was pretty blobby. We might laugh at the movie monster The Blob, but in reality, maybe it was here before we were. Dubbed Dickinsonia, the creatures present some pretty interesting discoveries.

The animal, which lived around half a billion years ago just before the Cambrian period, had a soft body and a strange shape that appears more alien than any creature living today (unless you count, say, an anglerfish). Their fossils were located in Russia from sandstone cliffs. The fat molecules found with the creatures point toward its earlier ancestry than any other living creature, making researchers believe that they may have been the first animals on Earth. 

Be sure to check out the photos of these strange creatures. Do you think they were truly the first creatures? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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