Dead Sharks Found In Floating Mass Netted Grave

It's horrific, and it's humans' fault

The only reason we make nets is to kill, according to Dominick Martin-Mayes, the fisherman who came upon the chilling sight of hundreds of dead sharks and other marine life floating lifelessly in an enormous fishing net. The net certainly did its job and now it's breaking our hearts, demonstrating just what human carelessness can do.

Of course we see examples of this every day, from our warming planet to the shrinking coral reefs and growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But to see this many creatures drowned so senselessly and tragically is an especially sobering reminder. 

To help stop this from happening, you can obviously not eat fish, watch what you throw out and reduce, reuse and recycle everything possible. You can also make a purchase of recyled ocean trash to help get pounds of waste out of the ocean or support the Ocean Conservancy or Oceana's efforts.

What else can we do to help stop this brutality? Share your actions and links in the chat.

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