A Dingo Ate Your Puppy

Scratch that, he IS your puppy

How would you feel if it turned out that your lost puppy were not only returned, but discovered to have rare dingo DNA? That's what happened when Wandi, a puppy that had been separated from his family, was tested by a local veterinarian. The poor pup had markings on him that suggested a large bird of prey had attempted to snatch him up for a meal, but what was even more surprising was that the dog is a purebred Australian alpine dingo and an important specimen of this rare species.

Wild dogs arent common where we live, aside from wolves and coyotes, and while it's not unheard of to hear of wolf pups or hybrids being discovered as family pets, an alpine dingo is definitely not an everyday find. This is a dog that's at risk of extinction, so any example of the animal, in the wild or otherwise, is a welcome surprise. Hunting and inbreeding have led to the species delcine, as has government culling programs. 

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