Fish Waste Plastic

It breaks down in weeks!

While many people are trying to break free from single-use plastic, others are trying to find ways for us to continue using it more sustainably. Who ever thought that might require using fish poop? MarinaTex is a new bioplatic that is made from the waste of fish along with red algae. Not only is it made from renewable resources, but it breaks down in a couple of weeks, making it an incredible, revolutionary product.

My issue is that we keep hearing about everything from this to solar-powered highways, yet we don't see them implemented into our communities--at least, where I live, I certainly don't. Our laws need to catch up to the nations that are leading the way in sustainable business practices and new innovation. There really is no excuse to not be creating jobs and cutting down on waste in 2019.

Have you heard of any other weird products made with animal waste? My kiddo uses elephant poop paper, for example! Share your finds in the chat.

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