If I Could Talk To The Animals

It's all about how they think

How many of us wish we could actually communicate with animals--not just issue commands that pets may or may not follow (I'm looking at you, cats), but to understand what they say to us? It turns out that there are plenty of researchers trying to do just that right now, and many animals are yielding surprising results, proving that they are already trying to communicate with us. That might be obvious to some, but what researchers are finding is that we might actually be able to understand many of these critters if we just look at it from their angle.

We have to look at how these animals think instead of comparing their ways of thinking to ours, because this varies by species. You can take a look here to see how researchers are deciphering the communication from animals like dolphins and rats through algorithms and other means to really tell what animals are trying to say. We may not be closer to fitting our pets with collars that translate their "words" like they did in Up, but we might be getting closer to understanding what animals mean.

What do you think of these developments? Do you already "read" your pets at home and if so, what can you understand about their communication?

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