A Living Chandelier

These microorganisms create breathing leaves!

This might be weird but it's also pretty incredible. The Exhale Bionic Chandelier is the first living chandelier that not only looks gorgeous but also purifies your air. That's because it's made with micoalgae (which is technically a plant, not an animal, but it's still very weird and cool in this example!). It's the first living object that will grow and light your space while purifying your air as it pulses with life!

If you've ever tried explaining photosynthesis to the kids with some difficulty, this is a great example. It's also an example of a symbiotic relationship where "waste" is used by everyone, creating the greenest enviroment (both literally and figuratively) while also making a beautiful focal point for your home.

What do you think of the bionic creation? Do you think all homes will have these someday? Tell us your thoughts in the chat.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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