People Unite To Help Giant Snake

Anaconda Crossing!

Can you imagine seeing an anaconda cross the road, right in the middle of traffic and everyone trying to get to where they're going? It's an outrageous thought, yet it's something that people in some parts of the world have to deal with. Where I live, the real danger is hitting a deer or smaller animal--sometimes a coyote or fox. But an anaconda! I can't even dream of it.

Nor could I dream of how brave the people who helped this snake cross the road could be as they tried to save not only the snake but all of the people in danger as the enormous creature was in the middle of crossing. Even if you live near anacondas, this couldn't be something you see every day, and one of the rescuers even stated that he'd seen snakes hit by cars before, that it was a crime in his eyes and he really wanted to save the creature. My hat is off to these brave people in Brazil!

Have you read of any other daring animal rescues this week? Share them in the chat!

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