Sika Wanders Streets Of Japan

This deer needs its own series

Usually when we see wild animals traipsing about in the city, it's in a post-apocalyptic movie or book where the animal is taking over or enjoying an area that it would otherwise never be exposed to. And sometimes we'll see funny videos or photos of, say, an alligator or a moose on someone's lawn, but usully they're not waltzing around the city. 

This artist has captured images of sika doing just that in Japan and the results are adorable. I'm sure it's sometimes a nuisance, just as deer hitting a car or geese crossing the road can be in the U.S. but these deer are so cute. They really need their own show where they just do random things like go through turnstyles and I'd watch it more than anything on TV.

What weird or cute animal stories have you read this week? Share them in the chat!

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