Venomous Snakes Can Poison One Another

It likely won't hurt the same species, though

If a snake bites itself, will it be harmed by its own venom? Scientists say that the digestive enzymes in a snake's stomach take care of that so it doesn't even have to be immune when it's eating its own prey. And while a snake bitten from another snake of the same species likely won't suffer much damage, it can still be hurt by a venomous snake of another species if bitten. This is simply because snakes of the same species have evolved to be immune from one another's venom, but they haven't been bitten enough by other species for the same adaptation to occur.

It's even more interesting to note the types of animals that are immune from snake venom, like the honey badger, woodrat and skunk! Hedgehogs are resistant to different types of venom, as are ground squirrels. Many of these creatures would be the perfect size for snake food, so it's curioius how so many small mammals are immune while others are not.

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